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Alissa graduated in December of 2016 with a degree in Sociology and a Minor in Business Management from BYU. She decided to come to BYU to gain an education and knowledge that was both spiritual and secular. She first became involved with the CREATE Project in August of 2016 as one of her capstone classes. She said, "CREATE gave me the chance to use some of the skills I had learned in my classes and actually apply them in more of a work setting. It helped me to better value my education all together. I think education is what helps individuals gain the human capital necessary to be successful in their future careers." She said the most important thing she learned from working on the CREATE Project was that every detail is very important. Even the smallest errors can make a big difference in the overall result. She said that CREATE had helped her develop the skills that are most beneficial to her when moving on to her professional career. She plans to go into HR in order to use both her sociology and business management degrees. Five years from now she sees herself raising her children to become better citizens in society. She wants to help her children see the world from all perspectives.