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Becci graduated in April 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development. She came to BYU because of the rigorous academic courses it provided and for the religious foundation it would instill within her. She was first introduced to the CREATE project when she took the Adult Development and Aging class from Dr. Yorgason. She offered to volunteer on the project so that she could gain experience in research and Dr. Yorgason hired her instead. When asked what was her favorite thing about the CREATE Project she said, "Definitely the people. I am still best friends with some of my coworkers and we love to reminisce about the fun times we had in the research lab. I also loved being a part of something as big and monumental as this project. I am really looking forward to reading the future publications of this project and knowing that I was a small part of making it happen." She said that CREATE has given her a better understanding of how much time and effort goes into every single part of a research project. She said it has also "helped her build a good foundation of skills for when she does her own research projects in her graduate programs." She said CREATE was a great learning opportunity and that the research it provides will affect the world. She is currently studying Occupational Therapy. In five years she hopes to see herself debt free from college and working fulltime as an Occupational Therapist with Autistic Children.