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The Project

The CREATE project is designed to be a pioneering endeavor that fills the gaps in existing marriage research. Currently, there are no national studies that focus on newly married couples and their development. CREATE tackles this new task by collecting information from a large number of couples each year.
Spouses have been selected to give honest feedback about their relationships. The information they provide will be used to answer questions about how marriages change and mature over time and how transitions influence that process. Because these participants are randomly selected, they cannot be replaced. The information these couples give are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.
This study involves yearly contact that follows up with how marriages are functioning and any changes that may have occurred. Additionally, some couples may be asked to complete a short survey about a particular aspect of their relationship. Each time a participate completes a survey, they will receive an Amazon Gift Card via email.

Map of Participants


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Preliminary Findings

Preliminary Findings from Wave 1 - Infographic. Click here to view.

Preliminary Findings from Wave 2 - Infographic. Click here to view.

Survey Format


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