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Meet the Team

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The CREATE team is dedicated to improving family relations through rigorous research and scholarship. The professors who are involved in this project are called investigators in the academic world.

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Jeremy Yorgason

Principal Investigator

Erin Holmes


Spencer James


Dean Busby


Jeffrey Hill


Chelom Leavitt


Brian Willoughby


Ashley Larsen


Jocelyn Wikle


Ashley LeBaron-Black

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2021 Winter Semester

2021 Winter Semester

Left to Right: Jeremy, Rachel, Annie, Brooklynn, Lilli, Jocelyn, Tiare, Brian
Not pictured: Angie

2020 Winter Semester

Back Row: Jeremy, Liz, MaKayla, Tiare, Brian
Front Row: Maty, Katy, Tawnie
Not pictured: Seth

2019 Summer Semester

Back Row: Brian, Spencer, Jeremy
Front Row: Whitney, Liz, Avalon, Tawnie, Tiare
Not Pictured: Seth

2019 Winter Semester

Back Row: Miles, Megan, Brian, Tiare, David
Middle Row: Liz, Tawnie, Kadison
Front Row: Savannah, Mattie, Whitney
Not pictured: Madilyn



2018 Fall Semester

Back Row: Alicia, Catherine, Madilyn, Brian, Tiare, Jake.
Front Row: Janna, Karen, Elisabeth, Liz, Sam.

2018 Summer Semester

Back Row: Brian, Madilyn, Braquel.
Front Row: Liz, Erika, Tawnie, Carissa, Joseph.

2018 Winter Semester

Back Row: Jeremy, Hannah, Emmalee, Brian, Spencer.
Front Row: Ashlyn, Francisca, Madilyn, Carissa.
Not pictured: Daniela and Liz.


2017 Winter Semester

Back: Dallin, Brian, McCall, Jessica, Tate.
Second Row: Megan, Jenna, Sarah, Kristin, Jessica, Savannah, Alexis, Jeremy.
Front: Abby, Grace, Michaela, Linda, McKenzie.



2016 Summer Semester

First Row: Krystin, Megan, Megan, Sarah, Jeongsoon, Lyndsey.
Second Row: Brian, Justin, Dallin, Shaunna, Kaylin, and Crystal. Not pictured: Ashley



2016 Winter Semester

First Row: Brian, Kendra, Cyd, Jessica, George, Jeremy.
Second Row: Sina, Angela, Jessica, Megan, Sophia, Hannah, Kierstin, Ann, Justin.
Third Row: Erin, Rebecca, Jorie, Clarissa, Lauren, Shannon, Danny, Alexis, Kelly, David.
Fourth Row: Dallin, Tate, Ammon, James.


2015 Fall Semester

First Row: Chris, Olivia, Aubrey, Tori, Lincoln, Errin, Hu Jin, Michelle, Christine, Dorthy, Alex.
Second Row: Dani, Ann, Nicole, Sage, Tanya, Ye Soy, Dr. Holmes, Ally, Jessica, Katrina, Kaylie, Daye, Justin, Brian.
Third Row: Megan, John, David, Dr. Yorgason, Craig, Dr. James, Nick, Tate, Ryan, Jace, Alanna, Dee, Dallin.


2015 Winter Semester

First Row: Danni, Kelsey, Becci, Leynibel, Bethany, Eden, Dallin, Brylee, Emily, Jentry, Shalee, Britney, Rachel, Deanna, Taylor.
Second Row: Mariah, Carissa, Leslie, Miranda, Hugh, Sharlie, Megan, Erica, Heather, Jamie, Amber, Megan, Abbey, Sina.
Third Row: Jeremy, Nate, Kevin, Dean, Justin, Doug, Mike, Daniel, Corey, Craig, Coray, Tate, Ryan, Brian.


2014 Fall Semester

First Row: Keltzie, Laurie, Brian, Lindsey, Carly, Linsey.
Second Row: Nate, Alex, Jeremy, Danny, Kira.
Third Row: Natalie, Kevin, Spencer, Tate, Andrew.



2014 Summer Semester

Brian, Kevin, Laurie, Nate, Errin, Dallin, Jeremy.