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Coray is currently attending BYU. Coray will graduate in April of 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Pre-Medicine. He originally got started with the CREATE project at the referral of a friend. "I enjoyed the opportunity to work with professors closely and to learn how to lead." He said that the most important thing the CREATE project taught him is how to work hard and to be accurate. He has used his experiences in the CREATE project as a stepping stone to other opportunities to work and lead in hospitals and other medical research positions. After he graduates he plans to attend medical school and become a pediatric doctor. He loves playing soccer and continued to play for the intramural teams at BYU. He is also involved in the Pre-medical club. When asked how the CREATE project has impacted his life he said, "It has taught me how to work with people and find roles that fit for all different kinds of skill sets and personalities." Along with working on the CREATE project he has worked as an Anatomy Teaching Assistant and an Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant. He said his greatest accomplishments were getting married to his wife and becoming a Dad. Something unique about him is that he hates putting condiments on his food and he loves every type of music except for heavy metal and pure rap.