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Dallin is currently a sophomore pursuing a Finance Major at BYU. He enjoys playing soccer, creating scratch art, and playing the piano in his spare time. His favorite book is Agatha Christie's, Cards on the Table. When asked what his greatest accomplishment was he said, "Getting married to my wife because she has influenced me for the better in every aspect of my life." If given the chance to meet anyone from history he would like to meet Abraham Lincoln so he could talk to him about his presidency and how he handled such an intense time in US history. Dallin spent two years of dedicated service in Scotland helping out with the British Heart Foundation. When asked his thoughts on the CREATE Project he responded, "The research is fascinating and I believe that what we discover will impact marriages all over the world. I originally joined because I thought the research was beneficial to everyone and that the project would help me improve my skills in Excel and Data Cleaning. This Project has really prepared me to be able to work in a fast paced Corporate Finance setting."