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Dani graduated from BYU in April of 2016 with a Bachelors in Human Development. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s Program for Marriage and Family Therapy. She came to BYU because of the quality of its Human Development Program and because it was an out-of-state university. She was recruited to work on the project during the Fall semester of 2014 and has never looked back. When asked about the CREATE Project she said, "One of my favorite things is working with the people on the project. This job has helped me get hands on experience with research as an undergraduate student and I have learned about the process of putting together a research study and carrying it out. It gave me the opportunity to apply research skills, become a better leader, take the initiative and problem solve, how to collaborate with all kinds of people, and it prepared me for graduate school in so many ways." In five years she would like to see herself completing a PhD program in either Human Development and Family Sciences or Marriage Family Therapy. She loves to go running, hiking, target shooting, watch Netflix, and go dancing. She has worked as a Database Coordinator, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, and Office Manager/Bookkeeper. When asked if she could travel anywhere for three weeks she said, "Three weeks isn't long enough. I would go to Alaska for the outdoor experience, Ireland/Scotland for the greenery and castles, Peru for Machu Picchu, Israel for Jerusalem and the spiritual experience #walkinHisfootsteps, Mexico because I love the people, the language and I could work in an orphanage or other humanitarian site." She loves both Country and Alternative Rock music especially the band Yellowcard. Her favorite restaurants in Provo are the Bombay House, Thai Village, and Cubby’s. Dani has worked on the CREATE Project from basically the very beginning and she has made a huge impact on the success of the project.