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Jessica is currently studying Communication Disorders at BYU. Jessica always wanted to attend BYU and especially wanted to uphold the legacy of her great grandpa, grandpa, and father, who all attended BYU themselves. She also loved the standards of the school. When asked about the CREATE project, she said, "My favorite thing…is probably the people I work with, the student researchers and the Faculty working on the project. It has helped me gain many valuable research skills which I will be able to use as I move on to graduate school next year." Jessica will graduate in the spring of 2017. She says that the CREATE project has helped her obtain more hands on experience with academic research. "The CREATE project," she said, "has helped me see how important life events can affect your marriage in both positive and negative ways. Big life events will always come, but how you handle them as a couple makes all the difference." College has helped Jessica see life in the bigger picture. Instead of worrying so much about the little things, she has learned to focus on what matters most. She also loves country music because it reminds her of home.