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Kelsey is studying Family Life at BYU and will graduate in the Spring of 2018. She loves reading books, hiking, and being outdoors. She also loves spending time in the library and one of her current favorite books is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Her favorite thing about working on the CREATE Project were the friendships she developed. She even met her husband through the CREATE Project. She says that "The CREATE Project has helped me a lot in my education. Mainly in knowing how to better manage my time, how to create projects and the best way to accomplish them, how to work in groups, and to be confident in myself and the work I do." When she was in Kindergarten, Kelsey says she wanted to be a doctor. Now, her experiences have led her to a degree in Family Life. When asked about her college work experience, she said, "The main job I have had during college is being a nanny…I am able to help out families, have so much fun every day and be involved in someone's family…Between the CREATE Project and being a Nanny I have gained meaningful insight and experience that will help me in my career in both Family Life sciences and as a Mother." She also said that one of the most important lessons she learned from her parents was to stand up for herself and her beliefs. Kelsey was a great asset to the CREATE Project and learned a lot from her time here.