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Lundy is studying Human Development. She will graduate in April of 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Human Development. Both of her parents graduated from BYU which was a big influence in why she decided to attend college here. She started off working on the project because she was referred by a friend. When asked what her favorite thing about CREATE was she said, "I love the people I get to work with and CREATE has really helped me have better excel skills." After she graduates she wants to either be a child specialist or a marriage therapist. In five years she sees herself married with a family and working as a specialist or a therapist. Her favorite activities are reading, hanging out with friends, and playing tennis. Her favorite activities around campus are the sporting events. She loves to attend games with her friends and support her college. When asked about her greatest accomplishments she said, "My greatest accomplishment thus far is serving an LDS mission in Santa Cruz Bolivia while learning Spanish and their wonderful culture." Lundy loves country music and her family. She remembers her parents always teaching her to value other people and treat them the way she would want to be treated. This really helped her on her mission to Santa Cruz Bolivia and in her life afterwards. An interesting fact about her is that she once broke her foot stepping off a porch and her favorite teacher has been Larry Nelson because he inspired her to be a Human Development major.