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Madilyn hails from Mississippi and is CREATE’s resident Southerner! Madilyn is majoring in Family Studies at BYU and graduates in December 2018. After she graduates, Madilyn wants to go onto graduate school to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Madilyn loves working on the CREATE project because, “Of how complex it is! This is a 10 year longitudinal study which means that there are so many moving parts that keep it going. There’s collecting data, contacting participants, making sure our primary investigators are getting what they need to run analysis on the results and making sure our participants are happy- they are what make this project possible! All of these moving parts make working on the CREATE project exciting and complex!” Madilyn loves looking at what the data our participants give us show about marriages and families in America today. She looks forward to the end of the study when all of the data has been collected to see what the final results are! Madilyn loves to watch movies, listen to country music, and visit home. Madilyn wants to eventually specialize in Sex Therapy and open up a practice back home in Mississippi. She says, “I feel like the skills I’m learning while working on the CREATE project are going to benefit me for years to come as I work on theses, dissertations, and other research projects in my career. Getting to experience what the behind the scenes of a ground-breaking longitudinal study looks like makes me appreciate all of the tiny details that go into making a great research project!”