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Shannon received her associate's degree from Snow College before coming to BYU. Then, she graduated in Family Life with an emphasis in Family Studies in April 2016. She first started on the CREATE Project as a research volunteer. She loved the project and said, "Seeing the raw data coming in on Qualtrics was indescribable feeling. It made the project feel real and more than another homework assignment." She says that the most important thing she learned while working at CREATE is to never back down, despite the odds stacked against you. When asked about how CREATE would help Shannon with her future plans, she said, "CREATE has helped me to be more aware of asking questions about the world around me. The whole project started with a question to better understand how marriages grow. From that idea, from that question, a whole project was formed. If a small question can become something great so can the things I do become great. I ask questions now, I try to see the world from different angles and make my little space better, because I asked how can it be better? I am still figuring out my future a little bit at a time, but CREATE has shown me I can do hard things." Shannon’s favorite climate is Mountains because she loves being able to get above the city or town she is living in and see for miles. She loves the Chronicles of Narnia because they taught her so many life lessons. Working on the CREATE Project taught Shannon a lot about both working with a team and managing her time.