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Sophia came to BYU to study Sociology. Sophia graduated in April of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree. She came to BYU because she knew she would receive an exceptional education experience. When asked about the CREATE Project she said, "The research experience and the opportunity to work on a team of other hard-working students and professionals in the research sector was the best part of the project. It gave me real-life experience with what I had been learning in school." She continued to talk about how she loved the teamwork and collaboration of the CREATE Project. She also loved learning how to use excel effectively and how to apply research theories to her work. She said that The CREATE project has helped her in every job interview she has had so far because they are all curious how she contributed to the project as a researcher which allows her to showcase her skills. She is currently working at a consulting firm. She is looking forward to attending a graduate program that will allow her to build upon her data and research experience so "I can give back more effectively to the world."